Sod Maintenance Tips

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After going through all of the preparation and hard work to lay down new sod, it's important to maintain the sod in order for it to root properly and continue to grow. Failure to maintain your sod properly will mean all of that hard work (and money) was for nothing. Your sod will eventually wilt and you'll be left with a dirty, brown puzzle instead of a beautiful, lush lawn. See below for helpful tips on how to maintain your newly laid sod.

Proper Watering

Watering your new sod is extremely important in order to get the roots of the sod to eventually root to the ground below and allow for a hardy lawn. It's not as simple as turning on a sprinkler and allowing it to run for an hour straight. You should use a garden hose and water each section of your sod for about 15 - 20 minutes for the first week, making sure the water is reaching the dirt below the sod. To be sure you are watering enough, you can peel back a piece of the sod to check for saturation. For the following week, water your lawn every other day for 30 minutes. After the second week, water your lawn only two to three days per week. Continue watering in this manner until you are watering only once per week. Keep an eye on your lawn to be sure it isn't drying out or that you aren't over-watering. 

Stay Off The Lawn

Keep off of the sod to help allow for proper rooting. Walking across the sod can damage the roots below that haven't rooted to the dirt just yet. To help prevent anyone from walking across your sod you can put up signs, caution tape or even snow fencing. Try your best to stay off of the sod until it has begun rooting - usually after about two to three weeks.


Fertilizer is essential in giving your lawn extra nutrients to help grow a healthy lawn. It's no different for sod. Use a seed spreader to fertilizer your sod after it has rooted and is established - somewhere around week 5. Look for a complete fertilizer made for your type of lawn. If you aren't sure what to use, talk to a landscape professional for help. 

Laying sod is a big job and can be expensive. It's important to protect your investment and your hard work by maintaining your sod properly. Click to read more about proper sod care.